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Mentoring is the Answer to Employee Retention and Wellbeing

If the last couple of years has taught us anything, mental and physical wellbeing should be a top priority for any employer. Teams are stressed, burnt out, and anxious about the future. This negatively affects everything from employee engagement to retention.

When employees feel that their wellbeing needs are met, they can and will do amazing work. They’ll find greater fulfilment and meaning in their jobs.

Retention has become a top priority

Retention and wellbeing have been hot topics lately. As noted by Founders Keepers, one of our partner organisations, we are experiencing a drastic change in how people work.

The recent two-year-long global experiment with remote working has proved largely successful, and employees now expect employers to be far more flexible. Companies that have been quick to adapt are finding it much easier to retain their current workforce and attract new talent. Combining this situation with a cross-sector skill shortage is enough to give any business leader a headache.

Retaining talent has become incredibly difficult. That’s why more and more employers are looking for new and innovative ways to improve employee wellbeing and engagement.

How can a mentor programme help?

Mentor programmes encourage good mental and physical health, help mentors and mentees develop their personal and professional skills, create positive and growing relationships, and even create opportunities for enrichment through peer-to-peer coaching.

Employers are increasingly recognising the benefits of such programmes. Mentor for Growth encourages its mentors and mentees to take responsibility for their personal and professional development. We also encourage cooperation and the development of leadership skills.

Mentor for Growth can help your business

Get in touch today to learn more about Mentor for Growth and how we can help your business improve employee wellbeing and retention.

Our cross-company programme brings mentors and mentees from the most exciting high-growth companies, allowing them to share leadership growth tips and more.


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