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The Mentor for Growth programme


Professional growth made personal

The mentor-mentee relationship is the most essential aspect for real growth during mentoring.

That’s why the Mentor for Growth approach combines smart-matching from Network Lab with human insight.

Our programme helps to level up growth through valuable connections that last entire careers by connecting like-minded professionals with successful mentors across organisations.

  • Connecting peer to peer

  • Investing in personal growth

  • Supporting with audacious goals

  • Growing thriving networks

  • Building self-awareness and self-belief

Who can join?

Our mentoring programme is open to any tech-enabled organisations that are fast-growth and have consumers at heart. Our partners are diverse and each contributes a high standard of individuals that qualify for our mentor and mentee programme.

Our mentors

Accomplished and wanting to give back to their industries, all of our mentors operate at a senior level with 10+ years of experience. They are in the top two tiers at their organisations as Heads, VPs and C-Suite Executives, and have rich and diverse expertise to pass on.

Our mentees

We’re proud to welcome the rising stars in tech-enabled and fast-growth businesses. They are focused on their careers and personal development, typically already at a managerial level with much more to learn to help themselves and their organisation grow.

The matching process

Each organisation submits five pairs of mentors and mentees who are added to a broader pool with members from other partner organisations. We then match individuals on a cross-skill and cross-company basis to create bespoke, long-lasting, mutually beneficial mentor/mentee partnerships.

Working with Network Lab

We work with the Network Lab who are focused on creating strategic networks. For Mentor for Growth, they use a bespoke approach to match mentors and mentees based on the values of each individual as well as network inclusion. In year 2, our cohort scored a high 9.1* match!

Our events

A huge benefit of cross-company mentoring is the ability to grow your network. We host events that bring together our cohorts to meet peers across more tech-enabled organisations. Each event has a focus on networking and is run by brilliant early-stage businesses that are making interesting and inspiring moves in their industries.

Get your organisation involved

If you’re looking for more information to explore how mentoring could help your organisation or would like to discuss Mentor for Growth in more detail, please contact us below.

Thank you for contacting us, we will be in touch soon.

All personal data herein are processed in accordance with UK data protection legislation. All feasible security measures are in place. Further information is in our Privacy Notice.

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