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About Mentor for Growth


Mentor For Growth was created in 2018 by six peers in the tech community from, Facebook, Google, Qubit, Matches Fashion and FarFetch. Through their experience and connections, we’ve ticked all of the boxes and built a new approach to mentoring.

From experience, we knew that the nurture cycle for growth within a single organisation often means slow progress. Still, when our founders sought outsourced mentoring to get a more objective approach, the schemes lacked inclusion for all top talent and were fundamentally flawed. That’s what led us to collaborate and create Mentor for Growth.

Now into our third year of operation and with support from Founders Keepers, we’re expanding our programme to other fast-growth, tech-enabled companies.

Our team

Annabel Jack.jpg

Founder & Co-Lead

Annabel Jack, COO

Anna Aldrige.jpg

Operations Executive

Anna Aldrige

Founders Keepers


Pair Matching

Orowa Sidker


Sim Lamb.jpg


Sim Lamb

Founders Keepers, Partner


Content & Social

Michael Ade-Kunle

Founders Keepers

Richard Segal_edited.jpg


Richard Segal

Founders Keepers, Co-Founder

Jamie Thomas.jpg

Pair Matching

Jamie Thomas


Our work with Founders Keepers

When seeking a partner organisation to co-run the programme, the top of Mentor for Growth’s list was Founders Keepers. They are the talent experts and there is no better organisation that truly understands the digital landscape. Founders Keepers are connected to and nurture top talent, putting diversity at the heart of what they do with a global outlook. These values align perfectly with Mentor for Growth.


Our work with

In year one, the Mentor for Growth team sat in a room with pens and sticky notes to manually match every mentor-mentee pairing. Whilst a sprinkling of human insight is still prevalent within the matching process, the team decided on a more robust approach and engaged with Cophi. Using organisational science and AI, Cophi boosts innovation, drives engagement and builds inclusive cultures, now applying this to the Mentor for Growth matching process. The results are in and our year two cohort achieved an exceptional 9.1/10 for the matching service.


Our founding partners

Annabel Jack.jpg

Annabel Jack, COO


Sandrine Deveaux

Executive Vice President,

Jremy Morris_edited.jpg

Jeremy Morris

Retail Director,


Tom Athron


Jamie Thomas.jpg

Jamie Thomas

The Network Lab


Amy Cole

Director of Product Marketing

Get your organisation involved

If you’re looking for more information to explore how mentoring could help your organisation or would like to discuss Mentor for Growth in more detail, please contact us below.

Thank you for contacting us, we will be in touch soon.

All personal data herein are processed in accordance with UK data protection legislation. All feasible security measures are in place. Further information is in our Privacy Notice.

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