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The Changing Nature of Leadership

The way we do business is changing, and the nature of leadership is changing along with it. Nowadays, executives must be able to lead and motivate a diverse, technologically savvy, and increasingly global workforce. This shift means C-Suite leaders need to upskill in areas that may not have traditionally been a part of their skill sets. We’ve listed some of the most important areas below:

Think like a futurist – Leaders must always, always be thinking ahead. We aren't talking about the next year or so, we are talking ten to fifteen years down the line. This means putting into action now what you need for later. Grow skill sets and create a collaborative, nurturing environment for a future payoff.

Become a transparent decision-maker – Transparency is one of the most effective soft skills leaders need to develop. Revealing how and why they've reached a game-changing solution can help others understand and get behind the thought process.

Go global – Many businesses have a worldwide reach, meaning leaders must know how to think beyond their small sphere and 'globalise' their ways of thinking. To enter and flourish in new global markets, leaders should understand and accept new cultures and talents, actively seek diverse teams, lead individuals from diverse backgrounds, and have the know-how to do so. They need to be conscious of world events and know how they will impact their employees and business.

The coach approach – A good coach is not necessarily the one who has played every role in the game. They are, however, the person that knows how to position their players to both grow and best display their talents. That’s the sign of a good leader – you won't know how to do everything, but you should be able to delegate and enable your team to grow and succeed.

Lead and follow – One of the top soft skills to develop as a leader is to become more aware, and part of that means being willing to not only lead by example but also to follow others when they tell you something might work better. Self-aware leaders will be more sensitive; they will have empathy and respect for other perspectives and skill sets. Adopt this approach and you will be able to achieve your personal career goals faster while reading a room and promoting your employees' wants and requirements.

Mentorships can help you and your organisation

Mentor for Growth is a great place to develop these skills and/or support others to live up to their potential. Training has to be one of the biggest priorities for those looking to grow, and the easiest way to do that is to learn by example.

Our cross-company programme brings mentors and mentees from the most exciting high-growth companies out there, allowing them to share leadership growth tips and more.


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